Like many this past month, it was 5pm, work had been busy or better put hectic, jumping from one zoom call to another, responding to client needs and ensuring staff have all the information they require to fulfil our next job.

I had left the office and was now sat in a never-ending que, lightened up by an endless row of red break lights – I was at the petrol station waiting for my turn to refuel my car.

Suddenly, the thought entered my mind, what would happen if our company premises was broken into? What would I do, how would I act? What damage could be done?

There wouldn’t be enough fuel left in my car to travel back to the premises. Could I call a member of staff, could they go and tackle the intruders?

Alarm response security provides the solution for ensuring commercial premises remain safe and secure, rapidly responding to any alarm activation.

What is alarm response security?

Alarm Response Security is a security service that responds to an alarm activation. The security provider will act by sending a team of trained security guards to the location of the alarm activation and take appropriate action to mitigate the situation.

How alarm response security can benefit my business?

Alarm response is a proven security solution providing an efficient, cost-effective answer for many businesses. Its benefits include:

Trained and licenced


When you choose a professional security provider, you get comprehensive and specialist skills and experience. You also get their ability to implement a proven security system that will meet various needs and requirements.


In most circumstances, the security personal employed would be required to hold a valid SIA Licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Holding SIA Licence provides assurance that the private security operatives are trained and qualified and able to effectively carry out their duties.


Taur Security


Taur Security are experienced in providing commercial and residential alarm response security services in London and across the UK. 


Our security professionals hold valid SIA Licences and are trained to respond appropriately to any situation.


From a false alarm to an intercepted security threat, our trusted alarm response service works effortlessly to identify and obstruct incidents as they happen.


Our goal; ‘to efficiently streamline incidents behind the scenes, helping you to avoid those dreaded wake-up calls’.


Contact us today and find out how our alarm response security services can protect your premises and keep you open for business.  

Alarm Response | Responding to business owners security needs.