Picture the story. It’s been a tough few months. The pandemic led to redundancy, and it’s been difficult finding steady employment ever since. 

This month’s bills are fast approaching. Things are getting desperate. Crime becomes an option and the warehouse across the street becomes the target. 

The decisions made. A break in is planned for midnight and just a few boxes of stock will be taken (there a big company, they won’t notice, right?) 

The break in begins, and when attempting to breach the gates, you hear an aggressive bark!! 

A security dog and his handler patrolling the perimeter has spotted you……… 

What is K9 security?

 K9 security is where security dogs specifically trained are used to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel to carry out their duties. 

The security dogs and their handlers undertake rigorous training to ensure they are safe to be around the public yet effectively carry out their specific roles. 

Security dogs are generally deployed in complex environments, where security officers or members of the public may be at heightened risk or if there are large areas to patrol. 

What roles do K9 security units undertake? 

There are a variety of roles security dogs and their handlers undertake here in the UK. These often include: 

  • Patrol 

Security dogs and their handlers will patrol the perimeter of a site either on foot or by vehicle and respond to any threats that may arise. 

  • Static guarding 

Security dogs and their handlers are often used to protect specific points for example, entrances to buildings. 

  • Search and detection 

Security dogs are used to prevent the transfer of unwanted substances between people or locations and are often seen at the entrances of music festivals. 

  • Crowd Control 

Where large groups of people are in attendance, security dogs are deployed due to their ability to respond to multiple offenders. 

Benefits of using K9 unit security for my business or event?

Security dogs act as a powerful deterrent to threats, with an unrivalled ability to detect intruders through their heightened hearing and sense of smell. 

Through their heightened sense of smell, which is approximately 40 times more sensitive than in humans, trained dogs are at an advantage in detecting explosives or illegal substances. 

Furthermore, a security officer with a supporting guard dog is seen as a more intimidating prospect to potential criminals and with their increased speed, a healthy dog able to sprint at 15-20mph, escape by the offender is significantly reduced. 

Security Industry Authority (SIA) 

Security dog handlers are required to hold a valid SIA Licence. Holding SIA Licence provides assurance that the private security operatives are trained and qualified and able to effectively carry out their duties. 

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK, in accordance with the security act 2001. 

Following the requirements set by the SIA provides reassurance to businesses and the public of the security providers commitment to delivering a quality and professional service, therefore, a provider which you can trust and have confidence in. 

Taur Security 

Taur Security provides professional K9 Unit Security services in London and across the UK. 

Trained to the highest standards, our security dogs and handlers have extensive industry experience, honing their ability to detect risk, patrol expansive areas thoroughly and efficiently and undertake controlled aggression when met with a threat. 

Our dog security services can be employed for a one-off event or for a longer-term solution. 

Contact us today and find out how our professional K9 Unit security services can benefit you, keeping your premises safe and events on track.