Picture the scene. You have made it through lockdown. Your business has survived. You’re open and raring to go!

It’s a Saturday night and you’re pleased to see a steady stream of customers come through the door. It’s the first time your customers have been out for a drink since lockdown ended and they’re making up for lost time.

But some people can get carried away, can’t they! Social distancing seems a distance memory, disorder breaks out.

There’s damage to the property, upset for other customers and news is getting out on social media.

That’s not what you wanted. If only you’d invested in hospitality security….

Keeping your venues safe

Hospitality security is the management of security in the hospitality sector. This can include clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The aim is to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for customers and staff and that any potential threats are resolved professionally and efficiently.

CCTV surveillance, door supervision, static and on-foot patrols are security solutions traditionally used in hospitality security. They can work independently or be integrated to form a complete security system depending on specific requirements, the venue or potential threats.

More recently, the role of hospitality security has developed and is often being trusted to ensure government guidelines are adhered to and security personnel tasked to assess customers upon entry for possible signs of covid-19.

Why shouldn’t my business invest in hospitality security?

You customers’ safety is paramount, but experience has shown that there can be heightened security risks in the hospitality sector.

We all remember the horrifying terrorist attacks in Manchester a few years ago. Alcohol can fuel public disorder at social gatherings. People can generally be unpredictable.   

Trained and licenced onsite security can reduce these risks. It can help to ensure:

When people feel safe and have a good time at your venue, they’re going to come back, tell their friends and family, and spend their cash. You get to grow and thrive.

Trained and licenced

When you choose a professional security provider, you get comprehensive and specialist skills and experience. You also get their ability to implement a proven security system that will meet various needs and requirements.

In most circumstances, the security personal employed would be required to hold a valid SIA Licence. Holding SIA Licence* provides assurance that the private security operatives are trained and qualified and able to effectively carry out their duties.

How Taur Security can help your hospitality business stay on track

Taur Security provides professional hospitality security services in London and across the UK.

You can expect adaptable and friendly personnel with exceptional conflict resolution skills, who will seamlessly integrate into your hospitality environment, should that be from bustling clubs to luxe events.

Experienced, respectful and reliable, our team work tirelessly to ensure the A-to-Z runs smoothly, helping your guests to enjoy their time at your venue.

Benefits of using Taur Security include:

Contact us today and find out how our professional hospitality security services can benefit you, keeping your business safe and open for business.

*An SIA Licence is issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) who were established in 2001 to effectively regulate the private security industry in the UK with the aim of reducing criminality, raising standards and recognise quality of service. For more information, visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/security-industry-authority

Keeping the hospitality sector safe and open for business