The security of our businesses, homes and the safety of our colleagues and family members is paramount – often a small but understandably a persistent concern for many of us. 

Federation of Small Businesses report that 50% of businesses are affected by crime, most often burglary or criminal damage, resulting in a STAGGERING annual cost of £12.9 billion to the UK industry. 

Help is at hand! Keyholding security is proving a vital tool in protecting our businesses and homes and providing the peace of mind we crave and deserve. 

What is key holding security? 

Keyholding security consists of a security provider holding and safeguarding a set of keys to your business or homes such as offices, warehouses and holiday homes. 

The security provider would be on-call 24/7 and respond accordingly to any alarm activation ensuring the property remains safe and secure. The security provider can also make routine visits and oversee out of hours deliveries. 

The keys to your premises are stored with a secure ID, with the security provider having rigorous processes and procedures in place. 

Benefits of key holding security:

Security Industry Authority (SIA)

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK, in accordance with the security act 2001.

Following the requirements set by the SIA provides reassurance to businesses and the public of the security providers commitment to delivering a quality and professional service, therefore, a provider which you can trust and have confidence in.

Taur Security

Taur Security provide commercial and residential key holding security services complying to British Standards 7984, in London and across the UK.  

Our mission is to continuously strive towards the three E’s: Excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. Committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations we have a client-orientated approach, where you come first.

Contact us today and find out how our professional key holding security services can protect your business, home, assets, colleagues and family members. 

Key to protecting your home and business