Hospitality Security

London’s premier security firm specialising in cutting-edge solutions for clubs, bars and restaurants, we offer an extensive range of tailored services. A dynamic team, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive techniques, from CCTV surveillance to static and on-foot patrols, as well as offering a warm welcome to your guests, setting a serene atmosphere.

With an emphasis on adaptable, friendly personnel with exceptional conflict resolution skills, our highly-trained team seamlessly integrate into environments of all scopes, from bustling clubs to luxe events. Experienced, respectful, and reliable, our team work tirelessly to ensure the A-to-Z runs smoothly, helping your guests enjoy their time at your premises. The leading choice for expert-led security solutions.

Why choose us?

Tailored service

CCTV Surveillance

On-foot patrols

People management

Highly Trained

Secured with Taur

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